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How it works

Tradistar offers you a possibility to get attractive discount coupons in a fun and original way.

1. Receive your virtual money for free

Register on Tradistar for free and get 10 000 stars, our virtual money.

In order to get more stars, simply log in once a day.

2. Buy virtual shares of an e-store

Use your stars to buy virtual shares of an e-store.

You can sell these shares to get back your stars and invest them in the virtual capital of another e-store.

3. Get the coupon of your choice

When an e-store starts a discount offer, you can get your coupon, depending on the number of shares that you possess.

You can buy more shares of one e-store and sell shares of another e-store at any moment.

4. Use the coupon on the e-store’s site

Once you have your coupon, a unique code will appear on it. So all that’s left to do is use your coupon on the e-store's site, and enjoy the discount.

After using the coupon you will receive additional stars.
If you have any questions, you can check our Help - FAQ